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The best-rated restaurant didnt even exist.


Ever used peer review sites like TripAdvisor for your making plans?


The Shed at Dulwich made it to No. 1 out of almost 20,000 reviewed restaurants in London.

Numero Uno. Pretty impressive huh?

Here's the thing. The Shed at Dulwich didn't exist! All it had was a fake address, some fake food pictures (quite creative, as you see above) and a few fake reviews to begin with. The only thing real was an email address, where the "founders" continually rejected reservations, claiming that the restaurant was fully booked for months!


Soon, people started believing these early reviews - and amazingly, added their own reviews and ratings of the place (which they never visited, because again... it didn't exist!!!). The rating of The Shed rose steadily. Magazines and other review sites started paying notice. Some companies even sent free gifts with the hope of getting a table for their bosses. And it became a mini status-symbol to have dined at The Shed, given how hard it seemed to get a seat.

Until... The Shed inexplicably reached number 1.
A fake restaurant, beating all the others which served actual food, because it created a story that everyone wanted to believe. 

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