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The winter flower

Most relationships are like flowers. They bloom in the warmth of spring and summer, when times are good and when people are happy. But in autumn and winter, when challenges of cold and darkness come, when it’s not just happiness, many flowers wilt.

I was always naïve. I thought people would not bear to see a flower wilting. Surely they would be willing to offer a little time and effort to tend to it, to add a little bit of love when it needs it the most.

But no. When autumn arrives and when things get hard, most people don't see winter as a negative. They might look forward to it, look forward to not needing to spend any more time and effort.

But ever so often, you see that little flower that stands strong in winter. It might not be as pretty as the ones in spring and summer, but its beauty is not just on the surface, but its commitment to staying alive even if conditions are harsh.

Likewise, many of life’s most beautiful moments might not look much by itself, but are beautiful because they are shared with others. Most of us are capable of spring/summer flowers. But it is only when we ourselves have gone through winter, that we appreciate the winter flower.

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