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Repeated often, just once makes the difference

This was a letter that was viral on the net recently, verified by the hairdresser herself.

Sure, I think we all can appreciate the work of the hairdresser. As the hubby mentioned, "it was likely on of dozens of haircuts given that day", or any day for that matter. And to the hairdresser, it must have felt at least partly repetitive. But for each customer, it provides a revitalisation of self. But the letter is beautiful not just because of the act of the hairdresser, but it was the faithful husband, who loved his wife, who wanted to see the best of his wife, and who acknowledged the best of others. As we recognise the hairdresser, and realise that our work can impact someone's life deeply, let us also recognise that we can be just like the husband, whose affirmation equally creates deep impact in the life of the service provider.

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