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A garnish of dishonesty on top of a dish of goodness

Closing time at a café. I'm the only customer around, together with 3 staff: - a young lady (YL) frowning in front of the computer - a young male (YM) sitting beside her, referencing some websites on his phone - an older male (OM), seemingly the supervisor of the group, washing dishes while dishing out advice

OM: "Just write that you took the initiative to start a marketing campaign for the café - 'Free bread for any cake you buy', as a way to introduce people to the bread we bake. YL: "What? But I didn't!" OM: "Please, how would the interviewer ever know? Besides, I'm you character referee, so if they call me I will say so." YM: "Resume websites advise that there must be statistics. People always believe statistics." OM frantically left the dishes aside and joined the other 2. "Just write bread and cake sales increased by 20% after the marketing campaign. They have no way of finding out our figures." YL: "Guys... Thanks so much for your help. Won't know how to cope without you both. Actually, maybe it's not so bad to just stay here" OM: "Don't be crazy. Of course you should find a job outside if you can! Working here is a waste of your youth." YM: "Yes, stop wasting time and finish your resume!" Life is pretty complex isn't it. Sometimes a dish is served and we see the garnish that lies on top. It's a garnish of dishonesty and it doesn't look like a good dish and we reject it. But underneath the dishonest garnish is a dish filled with goodness, from the most honest of intentions.

I couldn't help but admire the friendship of the 3 staff. 2 of them were sacrificing their own time - helping the young lady to produce the best resume while delaying their chores and time to get home. And the young lady leaving would probably leave the place short-handed. Yet there was such a genuine desire to ensure that she could get a better job - even if the 2 males wanted to get out too.

I do think that if you can find good friends like these, it must mean that you've done something right in life, and you must be a good friend yourself. Whether she gets the new job or not, I think the young lady has probably found something much more valuable in her current one.

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