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Lecture Series online

Image by Viktor Forgacs

I was an incorrigibly lazy student in school. In university, I often only read the textbook the week before the examinations. I often missed lectures. And I never did any readings. 

So I feel enormously grateful that today's era allows you to rekindle your education and learning at a much later age, at a pace which you are most comfortable with. More importantly, you are no longer restricted to the professors or teachers at the school you are at. You can now learn from the teachers who are simply top-notch in knowledge and in explanation. Some of these lectures are to me, more interesting and exciting than NetFlix or the latest movies. 

Here are some lecture series which made me a nerd in my 30s. 


Robert Sapolsky, Stanford

Human Behavioural Biology

I consider this the most important lecture series because of the relevancy of the subject. What causes you to behave a certain way or to think certain thoughts? Prof Sapolsky developed a terrific frame to answer these questions in the most comprehensive manner, spanning across the fields of neuroscience, biology and genetics, endocrinology, ethology, behavioural science, evolutionary science, and sociology. And he does so with an acerbic wit that gives you regular chuckles.  


Walter Lewin, MIT

For the Love of Physics

"I will make you love physics and your life will never be the same."

Big words from Walter Lewin. But when you watch his lectures, you can't help but agree. Lewin makes no apologies for his eccentricity, which is precisely what allows his physics classes to be enjoyable. How eccentric? In the photo above, Lewin puts himself directly in the path of a small wrecking ball, which would, if his calculations were not accurate, smash into his face. These experiments bring to live theories in physics, which he complements with articulate explanations


Lecture series link:

Classical Mechanics

Electricity and Magnetism:

Vibrations and Waves:


Eric Lander, MIT

 Fundamentals of Biology


Dan Ariel PopTech 2011.png

Dan Ariely, Duke

Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely is one of the premier behavioural economists in the world. And he examines all the ways in which we make decisions in our daily lives, often irrationally. We have examined many of his findings (including why we cheat, the IKEA effect, the adaptability to pain, and many others).

I've shared a couple of playlists below, not really lectures but the explanation of key concepts from some of his books. You can find a huge amount of interviews and presentations he has done on Youtube or major podcasts, but I strongly recommend reading his books, which are terrific


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