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The experiments that reveal the nature of humans

Image by Etty Fidele

Can one word from a stranger lead you to condemn another person?

Image by Julian Hochgesang

Can having a warm drink make you think others have a warmer personality?

1pc Temporary Tattoo, Scar, Face Stitche

Dartmouth Scar Experiment


Stingy or Generous? Can the words on your shirt make you change your behaviour?


We do what others do. Even when we know it is wrong

Image by Cassie Lopez

If we can get a kiss from any celebrity, how soon do we want it?


Cognitive Dissonance

easy buy

I bought this because it is easy to buy


The power of labels - reducing drink driving

Hotel towels

Don't throw in the towel? How do we reduce towel wastage in hotels?

Climate change bad

Is revenge really sweet?

Evolution of Mickey

What is cute to us?


Why is this hotel so memorable?

Image by freestocks

Saving money for hospitals

Image by Nick Fewings

How much do you love her?

Republican Rats TV ad 2000-8x6

Rats vs Bureaucrats

Image by freestocks

We always wish we had time to relax. But... can we really sit quietly alone in our own thoughts?

maxresdefault (11)

calling 911 to order pizza


Exams are really bad for grandmothers

Cutaneous Rabbit Illusion

Is there a rabbit running up my arm?

Image by dorina boegre

The appeal of Dalgona coffee

praise from boss

Pizza, Money, or Praise?

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