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motivation is overrated

Motivation is incredibly overrated


Dopamine is almost always misunderstood - find out how it actually works


Why is it so difficult for people to keep themselves safe during Covid?

Image by dylan nolte

I don't take medicine for my health. I take it for the lottery

Image by Piron Guillaume

How can we convince people to wash their hands?


How do we reduce drink-driving?

Hotel towels

How can hotel guests be convinced to be more environmentally friendly?


The surprising way to attract more charity donations

movies or medicine couch watching tv

Movies or health? Movies, of course.


Why is there a best time to see a judge?

Kids with Capes

Can feeling like a superhero make you act more like a superhero?


Why we save the one but not the many

Image by Alexander Mils

I buy because it is easy to buy

don't make resolutions create habits

Chapter - Habits

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