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Of weird observations, the natural world, of myths and mythology, and the answers to weird questions. 

We are stardust

We are all stardust, literally.

wolf breath howl

We share breath with every person who ever lived


Dehydrated baboons would rather watch monkey porn than get a drink

NOAA national ocean service

What has this fish got to do with all the best beaches in the world?

t1larg.luggage.contrast (1)

We went to the moon before our luggages had wheels


The murder hornet


Even cockroaches have performance anxiety


Is your appendix really useless?


Will frogs really boil in water?


Bark or trunk? Is this tree still alive?

"The best thing since sliced bread"... but even sliced bread needed advertising

Jerusalem Syndrome

The curious case of Jerusalem Syndrome

Image by Crystal Jo

Is this ramen tasty or not?

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