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There never seems to be enough time in life

There are so many things we have to, and we often find that even after prioritising our tasks, we sill don't have enough time. In fact, we could all probably do with more leisure or sleep time. So how can we possibly find enough time to pursue what we want to?

2 possible solutions below: 

Are you hunting antelopes or chipmunks?

Is there something you can do first, which will reduce or remove what you have to do later?


Source: AZ Quotes

Newt Gingrich's metaphor of the chipmunks and the antelopes provide an insightful take into time management. Hunting antelopes and mice both take considerable effort, but they have massively different returns on investment. 


We all know we have to prioritise, to decide between what is urgent vs what is important... yada yada. But there are additional questions we should ask ourselves when we prioritise:

  • Is there something I can do which will make other things easier or redundant? For example, is there someone I can speak to who will then subsequently reduce the number of people I have to go through for something to be done? 

  • Is there something I can automate or delegate?

  • Am I spending too much time hunting mice/chipmunks? What if I just didn't do these things? Would it really be that costly to me?

Don't just find time for our priorites.
Make Time

Sunday Night/Monday morning. You mentally think through all the tasks that you need to complete in the week ahead. It's going to be one hard slog, a super-busy week. There will barely be any breathing room. Sounds familiar? 

But if something unexpected was to happen, even during this busy week? Say:

  • A pipe broke and part of your house was flooded? Would you be able to find the time to oversee the repairs and clean up the house? 

  • What if your spouse or family member had an emergency trip abroad, and you had to cover certain duties?

  • What if your laptop was to crash before your work was fully saved, and you had to re-do an important piece of work with less time than you originally had?

  • Ok, or something a little more exciting: there is a new episode of your favourite show that was uploaded unexpectedly, which needs watching. Or some close friends from abroad whom you have not seen for a long time makes a spontaneous stopover and asks you out for dinner. 

Would we be able to find time for all of these unexpected commitments?

Somehow, we always believe we have no time. And yet, as long as something is important and urgent enough, we are mostly able to find the time we need to do it. You probably have an example that comes to your mind right now as you're reading. And we might also realise that sometimes, some of the things we thought we had to do - well nothing really that negative happened because we didn't complete them (in the way we intended to).

These examples show that even when we thought we didn't have time, we found a way to make time as long as we saw something to be a priority. Note the language - "MAKE" time. Trying to "find" time is a losing strategy  - if something is important to you, prioritise and make time for it. 

"If we focus on what matters, we can build the lives we want, in the time we got." 

Laura Van Der Kam

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