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During the next week, I wll partake in at least 20 minutes of vigorous  exercise on [Day] at [Time] at/in [Place]

Many times, people think they need motivation when what they really need is more clarity. 

We regularly show that 

Combining motivational and volitional interventions to promote exercise participation.

Organisational habits.

Imagine if you just started work at X company. And you ask your new colleagues how do you do well in this place? 

ANd they would almost certainly not tell you what's on the employee handbook, but a certain set of norms and routines (organisation habits) that people have practised. 

. Eugene couldn’t remember which day of the week it was, for instance, or the names of his doctors and nurses, no matter how many times they introduced themselves. “Why do they keep asking me all these questions?” he asked Beverly one day after a physician left his room. When he finally returned home, things got even stranger. Eugene didn’t seem to remember their friends. He had trouble following conversations. Some mornings, he would get out of bed, walk into the kitchen, cook himself bacon and eggs, then climb back under the covers and turn on the radio. Forty minutes later, he would do the same thing: get up, cook bacon and eggs, climb back into bed, and fiddle with the radio. Then he would do it


They were shown into a small exam room. Eugene began chatting with a young woman who was using a computer. “Having been in electronics over the years, I’m amazed at all this,” he said, gesturing at the machine she was typing on. “When I was younger, that thing would have been in a couple of six-foot racks and taken up this whole room.” The woman continued pecking at the keyboard. Eugene chuckled. “That is incredible,” he said. “All those printed circuits and diodes and triodes. When I was in electronics, there would have been a couple of six-foot racks holding that thing.” A scientist entered the room and introduced himself. He asked Eugene how old he was. “Oh, let’s see, fifty-nine or sixty?” Eugene replied. He was seventy-one years old. The scientist started typing on the computer. Eugene smiled and pointed at it. “That is really something,” he said. “You know, when I was in electronics there would have been a couple of six-foot racks holding that thing!”

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