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Our brains prefer efficiency over accuracy

We receive massive amounts of information, meet many people, and make innumerable decisions (big and small) throughout life. 

Having to deeply consider every piece of information, assess every person, and analyse every decision will drive us crazy.

So our brains have evolved to value efficiency over accuracy - based on certain heuristics, inclinations, and context, we try to come to conclusions quickly, so that we can move on.


Naturally, sometimes, we get it wrong. Find out more in our chapter on Efficiency vs Accuracy 


1pc Temporary Tattoo, Scar, Face Stitche

Do people really judge us or do we judge how people will judge us?

One word to change our view

Can one word cause us to condemn someone we never met?

fast food restaurants all have red

Notice anything similar about these fast food chains?

World War 2 change sides

Friend or Foe? How quickly can this definition change?

hot coffee vs iced coffee

Warm drink = warm personality? Cold drink = cold personality?


Are we stingy or generous? It depends on what shirt we wear.

change first impression

Why you save the one but not the many

Hotel towels

Don't throw in the towel - how to persuade hotel guests to reuse their towels


What attracts more charity donations?

2 faces

Are we sure what we have picked and why?

Evolution of Mickey

Most of us dislike mice. So why has Mickey Mouse been so popular over generations?

Image by Imants Kaziļuns

We only bought something because it is easy to buy


Why is there a best time to see a judge and what does this mean?


How can we reduce drink-driving?

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Good is better if it is relative

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