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The important questions about human nature, how we act and react, how we think and behave


What does it mean to be rich?

Spock logic

How to think about emotions? Wouldn't it be better if we were completely rational?

The Good Samaritan Experiment

Are we Good Samaritans?

Image by Joshua Hoehne

We do trust, but it is fragile

helping a stranger

Why help others when we are stressed?

motivation is overrated

Why trying to get motivated is a dumb strategy

Image by dylan nolte

Forget health. I take medicine for the lottery.

Crime Scene Investigator

Why does evidence not change our minds?

Change minds

If evidence doesn't change minds, what does?


different types of intelligence

sweet revenge

Is revenge really sweet?


Cycle of success

change first impression

How do you change a first impression?


Even experts avoid difficult decisions


Can we really get lucky?


What is creativity? Why do some of our most creative ideas come in the shower?

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Practice while you sleep


Is there a best time to see a judge?

sick on couch

Health or Movie? Movie, of course.


The power of "how do you know?"


Why we save the one but not the many

Frederik the Great Potatoes

Why do Germans eat potatoes?


What attracts more charity donations?


Will this fish taste better if I change its name?

praise from boss

Pizza, Money, or Praise?

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