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 no free will is that a myriad of things affects how we view our lives and what thoughts come to us and what reactions we have. We are not aware of many of these things. And even if we were aware, we cannot, at least in the short term, change or prevent them from shaping our views. But being aware of them is the first step for us to correct our own thoughts and actions, and to find the truth.

What other factors are unconscious to us which affects how we assess the world, come up with ideas and decisions, and influence how we act? A longer list that we typically think, which this entire site is dedicated to.

But to start, we have 4 of the biggest effects that we encounter every day as we live our lives:


from the wiring of many generations of evolution, to the years of social norms built up in your culture, to genes and how they are expressed due to the environment, to prenatal and early childhood experiences, to how your brain has changed in the past months and years, to the hormones in your body in the past days to weeks, to the neurochemical responses to stimuli in the past minutes to seconds. In fact, your brain is changing right now as you read this, and it changes more if you like or dislike me. 

You can understand more about all these subconscious factors in our chapter here 1on what affects human behaviour. 

In these pages, you will find close to a hundred examples of how we make assess the world, come up with ideas, make decisions,  without really knowing how we made them:

And many others.

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