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Scar Experiment (Robert Kleck, Dartmouth University)

1pc Temporary Tattoo, Scar, Face Stitche
  • Participants (27 male, 21 female) were told that the experiment was meant to observe if people behaved differently towards those with facial scars.

  • Participants were placed into rooms with no mirrors

  • A make-up artist proceeded to draw a scar on their face

  • After the scar was drawn, participants were given a short glimpse of it with a pocket mirror.

  • Participants were then invited to leave the room and interact with folks in the building. 

  • Before they left the room, the make-up artist told the participants that the scar needed some final touch-ups. But, what the make-up artist actually did next was to wipe off the make-up of the scar.

  • Participants left the room thinking they still wore a make-up scar.

  • They overwhelmingly reported back that people stared at their scars, and were mean and rude to them. 

Read the full experiment report here

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