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Are we all racists?
Where are the aliens?

the doppler effect

The myth of being in the present (it isnt always useful to be in the present, and being int e present isnt what we think it is). 

What differentiates human from animal?
Part 2: chimp, bonobo, human -do we lose our innonence as we gain our consciousness. The catcher in the rye.

PArt 3 alpha males and politicians carryin babies. WHy only the males?  

A nuanced view of life: Einstein; Mandela, Ghandi, Mother teresa. Margaret thatcher as a character whose both sides are explicit, and allow sa neutral to see 

I cheat because I don't think it's wrong. The disneyland entry.

Earth is our only perspective yet earth is but a small speck

Why I'm atheist. 
She's been possessed by the devil. No, it's just neuroscience. (Epilepsy and Tourette's)
the changing foxes; the changing dogs

The amygdala hijack - why we fear, first.

We went to the moon before we had wheels on our luggage. 

Red or white? Black or white? Still or sparkling. Are you sure you made the choice?

The tired judges. 

How can I get someone to agree with me?

The Ikea effect. The converse effect. The Lego effect. 

Climate change is a bigger threat to a peaceful way of life than war.
Criticism of Steven Pinker. 

MAndela. Einstein. Gandhi. Mother Teresa. We love our heuristics. 

The vampire bat, the stickleback fish, and the silverback gorilla

The queen bee.

explaining dopamine

explaning oxytocin

Dopamine and revenge

Frog in boiling water; crab in the basket myths. 

Frederik the great and the potatoes. Ataturk and the veil

Rokia and the Malawis. 

Why i enjoyed history when i was in school - it tackled interestng problems, compared to F=MA or the electron shells. If physics wasnt about pushing the box across a surface, but about why we are all made of stardust, or why blackholes defy gravity, and how we know the universe is expanding, i think we would all be more interested.

WHere do elements form? We all have stars in our blood. We are made of star dust.

Even electricity had to be marketed to people. 
Unwelt - you don't know what you cant see (or hear or feel or touch or smell). 

There is too much narcissism. It's not about how nice we are or what not. But how much we think everything is about us.

We are not part of the nature cycle

You are breathing the same breath as your idols

how you see - there is no yellow photons in your tv; there is no such colour as purple

fairness and empathy in animals

the science of pain -nocicpetion; 2 types of pain; men fainting from seeing wife in labour pain; phantom limb; hand pricked on computer; like everything else pain helps you survive
2 signals required to bend your finger - evolution 

Jerusalem syndrome is a group of mental phenomena involving the presence of either religiously-themed obsessive ideas, delusions or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit to the city of Jerusalem.;Florence syndrome

why zebras dont get ulcers

Ondine's curse

Why is the sky blue? (walter lewin)

Frederik the Great and the potatoes. Ataturk and the veil

It's ok for people to die, as long as it's not our people. Churchill and the grain duing WW2 that caused bangalore famine where 4 million people died.

Creatives - of genius and daemons

Confirmation bias + cogntivie dissonance + dunning kurger. You always want to suspect you are wrong. But tis sounds so difficult in life to keep suspecting you might be wrong. ti will drive you crazy.
So what? realise there are different decisions in life. Some are not impt: where to eat lunch. Some are reversible: you an try to do first, and this is by itself another way to get information.

For impt decisons, you want to find diconfirming evidnece. This is in fact more impt than confirming evidence. 

Plato and the woman's womb - he thought it was a live animal (and this influenced medicine for hundreds of years. We take a long time to change our views)

Plato's cave allegory - we think shadows are the real thing. We dont want to step into the light because the darkness is too comforting. 
"Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance but hostile to anyone who points it out."

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