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Public Trust

The signalling, intention, and delivery behind public trust


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Learned Helplessness


2nd/3rd waves of Covid. Why are people panic-buying again when they know there's no need to?! Aren't they worried about getting infected?

Piano Keys

Can you learn how to play the piano without touching a piano?


Why won't people want free vouchers?

whatsapp remove from group

A teen is removed from a WhatsApp group he created. He attempts suicide. Why is this not surprising? How do we make sense of rising teenage suicides?

logic vs emotions 2

The interaction between logic and emotions


Souperman: How much soup will you drink if the bowl refilled itself?

cold breath

You share breath with everyone who ever lived.

Evolution of Mickey

In our daily lives, most of us are terrified of mice. So how has Mickey Mouse been popular for generations?

Image by Austin Chan

I really have no idea what I want to do with my life. Where should I start?

Image by Diane Helentjaris

How can we get ourselves to save more?

Trust vs Revenge

Trust is beneficial Revenge is sweet


Frederik the Great Potatoes

The King's Gambit. How did this King change the preference of an entire nation?

Spock logic

Emotions are bad!! Wouldn't life be so much better if we could just all be rational?

Helping Hands

Why helping someone when you are stressed is one of the best things you can do.

famous scientists

Are males really better at math than females?


The difference between winners & losers - and the effects it has on us

Image by James Pond

Why do some of our most creative ideas come when we're not thinking about them?

The Good Samaritan Experiment

Are we Good Samaritans?


Why is there a best time to see a judge? If this true, what does this mean?


Even experts struggle to make decisions.

Rope Exercises

Exercise isn't enough. We need to believe we exercised.

change first impression

How do I change a bad first impression?

Image by Dex Ezekiel

What is the appeal of Dalgona Coffee

Image by dylan nolte

A strong "why" empowers us to do anything. Really? Surely staying alive is an important "why" for all of us? If so, why do we need to find all sorts of ways to convince people to take their medication?

Chilean Sea Bass

People would not eat a Patagonian Toothfish. Yet the Chilean Sea Bass is a dish enjoyed around the world. But erm..they are the same fish!


Dopamine - almost always explained wrongly.

ulysses contract

How to do something difficult - signing a Ulysses Contract


This is disgusting!

hot coffee vs iced coffee

Can a hot drink make you think someone is warmer, and a cold drink make you think someone is colder?

baby with snake

How we learn to fear and how we unlearn our fears

Major Themes

Themes (1).png
  • Changing Minds Why is it so difficult to change minds, and what're the best ways to do so?

  • Emotions How do emotions occur?  Are emotions bad?

  • The Brain regulates every thought, action, emotion, sensation, and memory. But how does it work? Can we change it? In what ways?

  • Creativity What is creativity, and how can we be more creative?

  • Impressions Are we aware of when and how quickly we form impressions, and how it affects our decisions?

  • Trust Are we naturally trusting? What happens when trust is broken?

  • Motivation Motivation feels good. But to what extent is it useful? Also, did you know we have an internal motivation system?

And more.....

Know Your Brain

Understand how your brain works


Every thought, idea, memory, feeling (contrary to popular belief, your heart doesn't feel, your brain does), action, reaction, and behaviour triggers in your brain. 

Understanding our brains is understanding ourselves. It's a no-brainer to be a know-brainer. Find out more about the broad workings and specific intricacies of our amazing brain

Thinking and Behaviour 2.jpg

Why do we think and act the way we do?

5 major influences of behaviour and thinking

The subconscious mind

We filter out information subconsciously. Changing the phrasing of the same choices changes our answers. Holding a warm cup makes us think people are warmer. We are not conscious of many factors that influence us to think and act the way we do. 


The amygdala


The center of fear, anger, anxiety, and aggression


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